Ki'ilani Gallery was founded in 2018 by husband & wife duo, Glenn & Ki'i Nabua. Inspired by their own wedding and love of marriage & photography, Ki'ilani Gallery became a huge part of not only their lives, but many brides and grooms they've served over the years. 

After Glenn & Ki'i fell in love with their own wedding photos & videos, they realized the importance of story-telling & capturing life's most precious moment. Through the gift of photography, Ki'ilani Gallery is able to help many brides & grooms relive their wedding by beautifully documenting the event.

What does Ki'ilani Gallery mean? 
In the Hawaiian language, Ki'ilani (key-ee-lah-knee) means heavenly image. After many years of prayers asking for God's purpose on this earth, it was a calling that Ki'ilani Gallery would touch many marriages through galleries of photos. The name, Ki'ilani Gallery is only fitting.

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Our Love Story

dating season

Dating season

The Proposal

The Proposal

best day ever

Best Day ever

Marriage today

Marriage today

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dating season

Just two kids who lived and played in the same neighborhood, by passing each other as they rode their bikes up and down the street and slid down the slides in the neighborhood park. Not knowing who each other was, Glenn and Ki'i went on with their lives. It wasn't until high school that Glenn locked eyes on Ki'i and just HAD to get to know this girl. 

One day, Glenn's prayers came true and ran into Ki'i at a local L&L joint. Ki'i recognized Glenn from school and said, "hey!" Being a "Miss Aloha" that she is, she found Glenn on Myspace and started talking story. 

Ki'i started bumming rides off of Glenn daily to go to school and from there, they became the best of friends. It was then Glenn realized that he wanted to move out of the friend zone and become more. 

They both ended up going their separate ways for college, but still kept in touch. When Glenn returned home after graduation, the two reconnected again and tested their friendship to write a new chapter together.

The Proposal

After years of dating, the time has come when Glenn made the decision to propose. God showed him the path and Glenn just went with it. Telling Ki'i's best friend and asking for her parents blessing, he was nervous but also excited to begin a new journey with the girl he loves. 

On a spontaneous trip to Maui, Glenn had planned his proposal to Ki'i. Setting up a beach cabana dinner at the Grand Wailea was where he chose to pop the question.

While all loved ones were excited for the big announcement, everything was going smoothly as planned. Hours prior to the dinner Ki'i gets a big loving text from her soon to be mother-in-law saying, " Congratulations! I know my son loves you..." (OOPS!)

Although Ki'i found out about the proposal prior to actually being asked, they still enjoyed dinner and it was a beautiful evening...and most importantly SHE SAID, "YES!"

Best Day Ever

Turtle Bay Resort has been a significant picnic spot for Glenn & Ki'i to enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks year after year. The road trip to the North Shore brought serenity and peace. It was always a way for them to get away from their busy lives and to recharge. Falling in love with the North side of the island, they knew Turtle Bay Resort would be the perfect place to bring their family and friends together for their wedding day. 

In 2016, on the main lawn of Turtle Bay Resort good friends gracefully sang Ki'i down the aisle while Ki'i's brother officiated the beautiful ceremony. Both Glenn & Ki'i couldn't hold back the tears as they saw each other. They then celebrated their marriage in the grand ballroom where everyone enjoyed good food, music, and lots of dancing. Ki'i even snuck in a surprise hula for her new husband. 

Marriage Today

Now in our marriage, we enjoy spending quality time and learning how to be a better husband and wife for each other with love & respect. Our favorite things to do has to MOST DEFINITELY be going out to eat especially if we're with our friends or family. We just love great company. If we're not eating, we love spending our time together lounging on the couch and being homebodies.

When we're feeling ambitious & motivated to work, we love tossing around ideas on how we can better service all of our clients. Running a business together isn't always rainbows and butterflies, but the rewards are well worth the challenge. It's made us learn more about each other, love stronger and communicate better. We are building an amazing foundation with the vision of having a family in the near future. 

If you made it this far, thank you for letting us share a small piece of our lives. We hope that you enjoyed getting to know a little about us and look forward to working with capturing your love too!

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