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Aloha! It's Ki'i here (: Glenn & I became friends during our childhood years (about the age of 6 to be exact.) It wasn't until we reached high school where our friendship became tight knit. From carpooling everyday, to hanging out more, we soon became a couple after we graduated.

Life happened, we both graduated college, started working, took a spontaneous trip to Maui, and came back to O'ahu...ENGAGED! We did what most couples married and had a beautiful big wedding with all our family members and close friends.

We invested most of our wedding budget towards the media team and just fell in love with our wedding photos & videos. We realized how important media coverage is for a wedding. I can now relive my wedding through the amazing and beautiful images that were captured.

Shortly after our wedding, Glenn purchased a camera and it became our hobby together. We wanted to share the love that was felt through our photos with other couples. Because of all our amazing supporters and clients, this journey developed into something much more which is now, Ki'ilani Gallery - Oahu's favorite wedding photography team!

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