3 easy money saving tips for wedding venues

June 11, 2022 Ki’ilani Gallery

Want to plan the wedding of your dreams while still being able to efficiently save money doing so? Between the rising costs of many things involved in weddings, here are 3 easy money saving tips for wedding venues.

Let’s start with the venue. Many venues offer many options for your big day. While weekends are the majority first choice in booking your date, it is the busiest. There are 52 Saturdays per year and most couples book 12-18 months out to secure that special date. While Saturdays are most popular, Fridays usually follow 2nd with Sundays coming on in 3rd.

53 by the sea wedding venue, Honolulu Hawaii
53 by the sea – Honolulu, HI | Ki’ilani Gallery LLC

Tip#1: If you are flexible with your date, ask the venue about booking weekdays. This is one way of saving costs. Weekday weddings will usually be cheaper because of less demand. Don’t feel like you’ll be getting less on a weekday. The venue shouldn’t change, the staff would still serve along with your wedding vendors. (TIP: Wedding vendors will usually be readily available for weekdays.) Savings with booking a weekday wedding can save hundreds.

Cafe Julia Wedding Venue
Cafe Julia – Honolulu, HI | Ki’ilani Gallery LLC

Tip#2: Having a lunch vs dinner reception. While dinner is most popular, having a lunch reception is gaining traction with couples. Some can save up to 40% per guest in catering costs just by making the switch. If sunset photos are a must, you can always communicate with your coordinator and photographer to make those photos still happen.

Tip#3: Lastly, check if you still want a dinner weekend dinner reception but still want to cut costs. Simply reduce your wedding guest list. Intimate wedding receptions have been very popular during 2020. Less guests to serve less costs, it’s simple math. What that gets you is more intentional time to spend with those loved ones during your day.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article on 3 easy money saving tips for wedding venues.

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53 by the sea

Cafe Julia

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